Heidi Mulder
Oil on Canvas
Portrait of Brooke Wilkie, Renowned Perth band Bears and Dolls

Embodied within a dynamic mindscape the woman plays with psychological and elemental forces. The opposing forces of gravity and weightlessness expand, contract and distort reality. Air, water, fire and psychological expressions of energy are investigated. Sensitive, complex use of paint, sometimes harsh and cracked, sometimes soft and supple, are symbolic of the myriad complexities of the woman’s personality. The subject, however, demonstrates control over her environment and exudes a calm and assertive power that resonates throughout the image.

Brooke Wilkie, songwriter and psychology student merges her passions into one; writing songs of personality disorders and psychological states. Brooke is the lead singer in renowned Perth band “Bears and Dolls”.
A background in stand-up comedy allows Brooke to view and express the light in addition to the unrelenting darkness that rests hand in hand with such psychological disorders and traits of character.

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