Portrait of Dame Wendy Pye, DNZM. MBE
oil on canvas
183cm x 122cm
Purchased by Dame Wendy Pye, (2014)

Dame Wendy Pye DNZM. MBE was born in Yarloop, Western Australia and lived
with her parents on a dairy farm in Cookernup. She completed her
schooling in both Harvey and Bunbury High schools.
A proud Western Australian she has excelled around the world with
huge success in a publishing career, in teaching children to read in
English and many languages. She now lives with her husband in New Zealand,
and apart from her awards from the Queen in England, was awarded also by
Australia, the high honour of being one of the100 most successful
Australians to work around the world.
Making a difference to the lives of millions of children is a passion for
Dame Wendy, who works to make this happen throughout many countries in
Africa and Asia.

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